Fiberglass Step Covers
We Guarantee Our Fiberglass Covers for 10 Years!
We have created as an alternative to replacing precast concrete steps, and they have proven to be a great covering to almost any step material or configuration that suffers from exterior elements, traction problems, or simple wear and tear. 

Step Covers are made from an extremely strong, corrosion resistant, non skid fiberglass base. This base is then coated with the same high solid epoxy top coat used in Triple A Concrete Coatings. Stair Covers are suitable for rain and snow exposed conditions and will not rust, rot, or break when installed over concrete, wood or metal steps. 

Default color is grey and can be epoxy colored to match most covers. 
Why Use Step Covers?

Why Use Step Covers?

  • Increased traction for surfaces in weather exposed areas.
  • Better durability against the elements.
  • Extended longevity over any alternative product.
  • Decreased cost from traditional replacement of concrete.
  • Water/Ice will not penetrate surface of overlay coatings.
  • Custom colors available to match aesthetic design.
  • No need for costly removal/ replacement of concrete.
  • Salt and De-Icing spreads can be used without the fear of damaging concrete.